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Please Can You Identify This Control Box

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I've just moved into a new house and need to replace one of the detectors and add a second RKP. I thought I had a Vertitas R8 (which I'm quite familiar with), but when I removed the cover, it seems to be something else, probably older. If I can identify what I've got, I can probably find a manual and program it how I want it - otherwise, I'll have to rip it out and put a new VR8 in.

Any idea what I've got? Pic attached.

Thanks for any help!!!


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Looks like a pre2000 veritas r8.

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(Except when I'm wrong)(which I'm not)

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PCB clearly shows 'Texecom 1996' so looks like a Viritas R8 as already stated.

Looking at the last 4 terminals on the PCB. These were for the RKP. I remember you had to be very careful wiring up at this end of the PCB as the circuitboard wasn't supported and often, a year or so later, any cracking of the board would exaggerate and cause RKP problems that were a pain to trace.

Also on the example above, theres something else wired into the RKP power as well as the RKP. Not something that was tolerated before texecom created their smart datalines that resisted dirty data.

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1 minute ago, shmeb said:

i have a pre 2000's VR8 panel, and judging by the fact your panel is a texecom, and the tamper switch is a spring loaded button instead of a limit witch, I'd say this is an old style VR8


just 10yrs later...... I wonder if the OP or the panel are still alive ;)

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Mr😀 Veritas God

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