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  1. You're being pretty limited at ANPR I think for 20 years ahead. How about all the other forms of recognition of objects, people, faces etc. etc.? Combine that with millimetre-accurate tracking of whatever electronic devices people are carrying then
  2. You're probably right, I know it was a subset but can't recall exactly which. However to do that it needs the capability to read it all.
  3. Last time I looked at it the TrafficMaster system used a "crippled" form of ANPR. It takes the centre section (maybe 4 or 5?) of the registration only and then tries to match it against the same data further down the road. Doesn't matter if it's nowhere near 100% of course for their purposes. Over to the conspiracy theorists now........
  4. I've been reading this with interest, but have just realised that Installer44, who asked the initial question 3 days ago, hasn't come back yet to clarify the initial points that were queried.
  5. XP will be shipped as a downgrade option by major manufacturers for at least 6 months after Windows 7 is released on both Vista and W7 systems. The licences of both Vista and W7 will allow a downgrade anyway if you can get the media. XP support (and Office 2003) officially ends in August 2014 though from next week it's security updates only.
  6. How about - most women who know each other going to the toilet together?
  7. That seems eminently reasonable. There was a (valid?) reason; you explained it. More interestingly is how the insurers justify it, I would have thought something based on years of driving experience and claims history would make more sense. Edit: I see lawandorder thinks like me...
  8. That will empty your iPod What you need to do depends on whether your music is bought from iTunes Store or converted from other sources or a mixture. It also depends if your old PC will be accessible (e.g. across a network) from the new one or not. There are loads of ways to do it, depending on these and other factors, including how computer-literate you are. My recommendation is to register on the Apple user forums, describe your situation and skill level and someone will tell you the best way(s) to proceed. I had to help someone recently whose original PC had a hard disk failure, so the only copy of his music was on the iPod and its battery was nearly flat (it only charges when connected to an iTunes PC). With help we recovered it all to a new PC, though it was a bit scary. Did have to download the cover art etc. afterwards but that was easy.
  9. It sure was, someone went back and changed it! (and didn't own up....)
  10. Cut it off, fill the hole and drill another one.
  11. To get round that problem in the past I've left the drill in the hole, releasing the chuck and taking it away, then taped a thickish string carefully (end-to-end) to the driven end of the drill before puling it through from the other side. It usually works OK as the business end of a masonry drill is larger than the shaft.
  12. Well IME they do. Direct Line specifically ask about a "professionally fitted and maintained alarm" in writing.
  13. Your ISP obviously provide some information, maybe they can give you more? Who is it?
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