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  1. Thank you for that response. Yes I do understand the penalty - however, since there is nothing of value in either hall or utiilty room it does not seem too much of a penalty. For the consumer, if an alarm is not convenient and easy to use then it gets abandoned, unless the insurer insists on it and then, quite rightly, they require NACOSS or equivalent maintenance. There is still a place for those of us who want to make the casual villain move on when he gets an unexpected welcome. It was exactly your point about diluting security and effectiveness that led me to ask about the ability t
  2. There are no door contacts - I only have PIR's - I'd realised that it would be possible to put door contacts in series as a single zone which is why I said no door contact on front door in first line of my latest post. Neither do I want the hassle of running wires to a second keypad.
  3. Can you have two "Final Exits" on a 9651? We would like to be able to use either front or back doors at will. Keypad is in hall which is currently set up as FE with PIR but no magnetic switch on the front door. Back door opens into utility room currently set as NA which then leads into hall with no intervening sensors. Can I simply configure the utility room PIR as a second FE (zone n, option type 05) as well as having the hall as FE (zone m, option type 05) or does that cause confusion, particularly if I exit through hall and enter through Utility room? Panel software ve
  4. The latter - I have already discovered that the vendor was not terribly clever at DIY and too mean to get things done properly. Yes the battery was shot, had probably been bleating at them for a long time that it was low, they did not want to fork out £100 for a call out (they had no maintenance contraxt) and they got totally fed up with the noise from the sounder and couldn't stop it and wouldn't pay for someone else to stop it. SO - CUT THE WIRES to kill it. To quote myself - JOB DONE but actually JOB BODGED. I have every confidence that the system will work for the next 10 years with a lit
  5. JOB DONE! It was very much easier than I had expected and apart from the 15 minute external sounder when I switched off the mains and the 3 second test when I had finished there was no sound at all to disturb the neighbours. So what wa sth eproblem you may ask. 1) As I expected the battery dated from 2007 and was totally shot - in fact there were very small traces of white powder but they had not affected the case at all - I was in time. 2) The control panel was dead because it had been opened up and the 4 wires to it had been cut. Also one of the wires feeding the internal s
  6. Thanks for help - guess it's exploring tomorrow! I will report back - positive or negative. Ron
  7. Just found picture of PCB that makes it clear that NVM chip is NOT socketed - so I will have to try out and hope that NVM chip is OK - Nice tamper switch! I will look hard at wiring continuity to keypad. You mentioned external sounder controlled by bell box itself. If the internal sounder is a problem then it seems that I can simply disconnect it from the LS terminals until I can get keypad working. Presumably if I disconnect external sounder wires the bell will do its business once but not reset after its 20 minutes? Sorry to be a pain!
  8. Thanks for you very quick response, sixwheeledbeast. In the last few minutes I found a thread on another site that points to possible failure of the NVM chip or perhaps just lost its programming so an NVM reset (or maybe replacement) might bring things back to life - at the expense of retuning all the default factory settings to what is needed. None of that is a problem for me - provided the NVM chip is socketed rather than soldered - and that I can identify the chip required - but, as you say, a complete new panel plus proximity keypad is only £100 if that does not work - But it'
  9. HI - I'm being very cheeky and looking for a bit of advice concerning the alarm in a house that we have just moved into. I'm very competent in both electrics and electronics but unaware of the detail of security devices. The house is fitted with a Scantronics 9651 panel wired to 5 PIR's and an internal and external sounder with the basic 9930 keypad and is a really basic system installed by the builders about 14 years ago. When we bought the house I asked the vendors for the user master code and was told that they hadn't used the alarm for many years and had forgotten the codes.
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