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  1. So engineer manuals are out of bound for non-engineers, but if you want a coms unit hooked up to an arc so you can find security vulnerabilities... Gosh where's my free webwayone
  2. Does CSL acknowledge people finding bugs in their code?
  3. My old school has had two new blocks, both had alarms by Abel. What they did was use the same detectors for the alarm to control the lighting in the room, so when you walked in the lights would come on. Think they were Bosch blue lines with the two sensors in the one body. Abels bell box looks quite cool though.
  4. Feels good to be a Windows phone user.
  5. You'll want to set up port forwarding on your router (LAN) otherwise the device can't see incoming requests. Make sure the DVR has a static IP outside of the scope of the DHCP server on your router, then use ddns with your WAN IP.
  6. On mine If you push and hold "B" for 5 seconds it will say 485 fail. The metal end station screws aren't the best. Nice looking keypad though and more zones than the accenta, easy to program too.
  7. Someone took the bell out of mine Looks like it has a footprint for a rectangular strobe too, any knowledge on that?
  8. Thanks for sharing the code, looks to me like some sort of check-sum style algorithm but without strong crypto (military grade, HA). Adding 1 to version and -11111 to quote results in the same result from what I can see, not where the key has 0 in it though. It's week, have you found anything else?
  9. It's bloody huge too Yep ebay, it's not really the shed alarm, more an alarm in a shed on a piece of board. I used it to develop a Raspberry Pi communicator as the Accenta has Intruder/Pa/Fire outputs.
  10. More of a shed setup House alarm is a Euro Mini
  11. Ah yes! OpenCV library with C++ does seem to be the best approach for a low cost solution, which is what I'm aiming for. The Kinect was another option I've been looking into but it's too expensive and impractical to be a viable solution.
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