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  1. Evening everyone, I've setup my com ip and wintex and all seems to be working great. One thing I'd like the alarm system to be able to do is to send an alert to my android phone. Is this possible and if so, exactly what would I need to do?
  2. I'm sorry norman, I don't mean to be difficult, but none of the Secware Texecom Complete Kit's are coming up in the searches. Also why is it repeated twice in the shopping cart contents?
  3. Forgive me, I'm a bit confused as some say texecom is difficult to install and some say the opposite.....it might be easier if you could create a shopping cart to show me what you mean.
  4. Hi norman, if it's wired then it's not for me. I'm happy to hardwire the external siren bell as it'll save be trips on a ladder every so often to change the bell. Could you please kindly show me what you mean by creating a shopping cart with a list of items then?
  5. al-yeti - lol! no worries. Peter - I understand. In which case what DIY alarm could I get which would suit my needs and can keep out the odd crackhead thief?
  6. Sorry al-yeti, but you've lost me....bus system? I thought it was a hybrid?
  7. Thanks peter, my property does have a lot of hard to wire locations, but if I went Hybrid, what system would you recommend that won't cost the earth?
  8. Thank you PeterJames. I'm just wondering if I'm biting off more than I can chew. My main reasons for a wired install is to avoid having to change batteries on the external siren bell, but I've read that many wireless alarms allow the option of hard-wiring a bell and other peripherals. So I'm wondering, should I go for a more easier wireless install, such as a pyronix enforcer or visonic powermax/powermaster and then hardwire the bell and keypads???
  9. It seems I've upset you guys as I can see no one has replied to this thread. Sorry.
  10. As long as they are somewhat upgradeable and have gsm ability then I'd have a non-pro version. Which one would you recommend then?
  11. Thanks for being so understanding WDT. I just hope MrHappy doesn't feel upset. There are so many different alarm manufacturers and out of all of them, I narrowed it down to three best ones which are Pyronix, Visonic & Texecom. But from here onwards it's a minefield of stuff and accessories and I just wish someone could help me like MrHappy did to make a shopping checklist of what I need to buy for my needs. I don't mind paying the person for their time to do this. As said previously, GSM is a must, although not immediately required and I would like the option to be able to
  12. Thanks WDT. To be thoroughly honest, I've been reading and checking out youtube videos whilst awaiting a reply on the forum. I'm now having seconds thoughts about a wired system. It seems to be a bit too complex and a lot of work for me and I feel that I should be thoroughly honest with you guys and hope I didn't waste your time....Sorry, especially to Mr Happy. I think learning from this mistake, I'd rather go for a similar type of wireless system which provides the required feature or upgrades and hopefully should be more easier to install as there are no wires to c
  13. Thanks Mr Happy. Now I know I mentioned GSM, but what I meant is that the alarm must have the capability to upgrade when I want this feature at a later date. I'm not sure if this is possible, but since I'm currently having some financial difficulties to afford the best, can I take anything extra out, such as the GSM Communicator and instead for now purchase buy more PIR detectors, external bells and door contacts for the rest of the rooms? If so, what could I possibly take out? All I'm trying to do is get the best equipment for my money which would at least cover the
  14. Mr Happy, thank you so much! It's exactly what I wanted help with. The system you have built on www.securitywarehouse.co.uk.....does this have the ability to add other stuff at a later date, such as more pir detectors or door contacts? Also is it better/cheaper to buy a kit or buy seperately, like you have? Lastly to save money, would you recommend buying on sites like ebay?
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