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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All I have just purchased one of those Yale IA220 kits https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273144001997?ul_noapp=true I know, I know ....I would have been better off with a Pyronix or something a bit more beefy! but we are struggling with the old cash-ola. I have fitted alarms in the past ...but i am NOT a professional ...so I have only done it for myself. Currently we have an old Gardiner one ...It was great ...20 years ago ...but it turned its toes up last year and so I opted for an easy fit one ...as some of the sensors are also knacked and the PIR's are a bit tatty ... So I am going to give this a whirl at weekend ..problem is the bell box ...I am COOL with everything else being wireless. But the current box is in a god-awful position and and yo have to go up a ladder and then lay on your belly on a dormer roof to get to it. Leave it on ..I thought ..but as its rusty and grubby the wife wants it off ...but as we have had the house painted and stuff several times where it is looks like a completely different render and so i want to fix the yale box on the top of this c**p. Problem is ... 1. I dont want to have to nip up every few years and change the batteries (as i am not getting any younger) 2. The gardiner used to have a "comfort LED" ..i think they are called and i was hoping to fit one in this yale box too As the 6 wire cable is 100% fine and is going to the new panel location...is there any way i can fit something downstairs in or near the alrm panel box that will power the box and give me a simple LED ....without using batteries that are dangerous to reach ? any advice is appreciate Paul
  2. Hello,I've currently got no alarm at our property and were hoping someone could give me a few recommendations for a DIY HARD-WIRED system that I could install myself. My original budget was approx £500, however I've had an unexpected flood damage to the property, costing me hundreds of pounds, so unfortunately my budget is now no more than £350.I know it's much less, but I'd rather have some security system, than nothing at all as I'm going on a pre-booked holiday within the next 3 weeks.If possible, I'd like to have:- GSM UPGRADEABLE MODERN Much appreciate your help.
  3. Hi, I have moved into a house with a wired alarm system with 3 PIRs, radio panic button, and bellbox connected to a Bentley Alpha V2/4 panel with a keyswitch to set and unset the alarm. Does anyone have any service information on the Bentley or any useful wiring diagram? Any information on servicing the system also required. I am reasonably proficient with electrical/electronics and am thinking of maintaining this system myself rather than continuing the maintenance contract at £125 per annum as that seems rather a lot for an old system, and a complete new system with telephone dialler is not much more. If I do get a problem with the system, would I be better off just replacing the old panel with a new 'wired' board? I am wondering whether the Accenta Mini G4 Alarm Panel + LCD Keypad - 8SP399A would be a suitable replacement and would it be a straightforward swap? or should I just go wireless with something like the Yale HSA6400 and replace everything? I think I would prefer to stay 'wired' as the wiring is all there and I imagine this is generally more reliable than wireless and less hassle as I would not need to be continually changing batteries. Any advice appreciated as security alarms are a new DIY area for me.
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