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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Guys, We currently have a 10 year old, wired, Nexus 8 intruder alarm. Intending to change it and got a quote from a company for £1000. Anyway...seen this Galaxy G2-20 wireless pack online and it seemed good value for money. Questions: 1. Would it be easy enough to self install/replace the existing one with? 2. I assume (from looking at online manual) that the only wiring that would be involved would be between the keypad, control panel and RF portal? 3. How would I stop the bell box from going off outside if I was to change the panel about? Appreciate the tips guys.
  2. Hello,I've currently got no alarm at our property and were hoping someone could give me a few recommendations for a DIY HARD-WIRED system that I could install myself. My original budget was approx £500, however I've had an unexpected flood damage to the property, costing me hundreds of pounds, so unfortunately my budget is now no more than £350.I know it's much less, but I'd rather have some security system, than nothing at all as I'm going on a pre-booked holiday within the next 3 weeks.If possible, I'd like to have:- GSM UPGRADEABLE MODERN Much appreciate your help.
  3. Hi. I'd like to replace an old 4 zone alarm system (ADE Concept). I'm quite comeptent at wiring and have a background in IT so OK with reading manuals and programming. Most of the wiring is already in place but I'll have to lay down wiring for a couple of extra PIR sensors. The layout is shown: http://www.thesecurityinstaller.co.uk/community/topic/40103-pir-placement-advise/ I was looking at the following kit: 1 x Texecom Premier Elite 24 (metal) Control Panel CAA-0004) 1 x Premier LCDL Keypad Display (DBC-0001) 1 x TEXECOM PREMIER ELITE COM-WIFI SMA WITH AERIAL (CEK-0002) 6 x Texecom MIRAGE DT PETWISE (ADB-0001) 1 x Texecom Premier Elite Odyssey 3 (ODY3) Bell (Metal) Plus wiring, a couple of contacts and a battery. I like the idea of being able to connect to the alarm from my computer and the phone app. Pricing this up from the internet it comes to about £420. Is this the best kit in this price range or can I do better? Also, I elected to go for the DT PIRs because they're supposed to be more reliable in terms of false alarms... are they an overkill? Thanks for any advice provided.
  4. InButton - Mobile Access Control - Open & Manage Your Door with Smartphone 1. To open and manage your door with smartphone, access control has never been so smart before! 2. InButton integrates your access control into one Exit Button. With fashionable touch panel button, InButton gives your house fashionable looking. 3. Safer. Traditional small access control systems are usually reader, controller all-in-one design. It means you have to place your controller outside of the door, where is easy to hack. We place the controller into your exit button, it's indoor, impossible to hack. 4. Economic. InButton is a one door controller, the most cost saving solution for small applications. 5. Easy DIY. With InButton mobile APP and accessories, anyone can design his own access control system. This product is going to be released in June, 2016. If you are interested in it, please leave comments here or email me: #####REMOVED#######
  5. Hi All, First time posting - so hello - avid reader, but never have replied or posted. Background: DIY'er - Few Systems for Friends and Family, love working at Intruder Worked for a While as a Engineer in Northern Ireland as part of a wider job role. Used to Work for ARC as System Support Engineer looking after IT Platforms managing Monitoring System Currently Work as IT Network Engineer I am planning to Install Galaxy Flex 050 System in my house (Flex 050, MK7's, Risco IWISE, Risco Siren, DualCom Monitoring) - just waiting on getting keys. I was going to go down the G2 Route, as I have done numerous installations before, however managed to pick up a second user Flex System (Yes I Know), so thought I would give it a go. First problem is finding the Engineer Reset Procedure for the Flex - I have it for the G2 and done it before, however not sure if the Flex is the same? Also missing the install manual - so trying to locate this, can anyone offer any advice. I am aware around the ethics around my above request, but thought I would ask, if I cannot get anywhere, I will just buy a new G2 Panel, however I believe that the DualCOM Module can plug straight onto the Flex Mobo - Has anyone done this? Any advice? If I got down the route of a G2, any advice on Monitoring - this will be keyholder only evidently, however wanted something more than an onbaord digi - I can get Webway or DualCOM, whats your thoughts. Many Thanks -PK
  6. Hello everyone, I live in South Africa and I can't seem to find a local alarm DIY website so I'm going to try here, I hope that's alright. I have a Texecom Premier 832 that I would like to add a door magnetic contact to. I have electrician experience, but none with alarm systems. I woulds call my alarm company to do it, but they charge an astronomical call out charge, so I'm going to attempt to do it before calling them. I will attach pictures to show the location of the door and its proximity to current installed equipment. I need to know what I need to get, where to wire it in, and how to add it as a new zone to the system. Currently, the system is split into two areas. One for the Apartment and garage area (has it's own keypad), and one for the main house (has two keypads). The contact would need to be added to the garage and apartment area, not the main house (We often arm the independently, so this is very important). The reason I want to add a door contact is that currently there is an area of my garage that is not covered by the PIR that is already installed (as shown below). This photo shows the door I want to add the contact to: This shows the closest piece of equipment (the keypads are far away, and I assume it's the main box): This shows the proximity to each other: This shows the area unprotected by the PIR, thus the reason for the addition: Inside the box: I have the installers manual for the system, but it's rather difficult to follow and I haven't had much success with it. I have read about an engineers code, which I don't believe I have, so I will call the installation company for it if it is necessary. I'm really not sure what other information you need from me, my apologies, so please ask away and I'll do my best to answer them. Thanks very much!
  7. Hi I am a DIY installer but have reasonable knowledge of my system. I have just finished converting the second part of my barn. (Funds finally allowed). I have star wired back to a hub all sensors required in new section, including fire alarms. In my current part that I live in, I have a Texecom 24 with one zone expander. My issue is I only have 1 zone left on current system and another zone expander, which I believe is my limit will not surfice my needs. Am I best to swap the texe 24 for a 48, 88, or is there an easier way. Also my current control panel is located about 3m from my new hub. What is easiest way to wire up new section without running all feeds from new conversion to current control panel. Many thanks in anticipation. Chris
  8. Hi guys, new to this forum so just like to say hello to anyone thats reading.... a few years ago a friend of mine gave me a veritas 8 alarm panel, I was just talking about wiring my shed upto my current alarm system or putting a simple little one with a loud siren in just for the shed, shortly after he brought be a veritas 8 USED along with a (if i remember correctly) citdel belbox, with a engineers manual and codes, I set it all up and it was working for 18month or so however recently I have moved house so iv taken it with me, iv now come to wire it up to my garage, its all programmed now tested and works fine with the internal sounder, however I did loose track of my bell box that I previously had, now I do have some 12v 150ma 115db sirens kicking about , how would I go about wiring one of these up to the panel? Thanks in advance Craig
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