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  1. Sorry, but I've looked everywhere, but can't find the Powermaster compatible kit.
  2. But then it would mean every few years, I'd have to buy batteries for it and get back on a ladder to replace these. Since I'm happy to go for the Powermaster 30, what kit type & accessories would I need to for the following:- 1 x External Siren Bell 3 x Pir Detectors 2 x Door Contacts 1 x Control Panel (Must have GSM/Simcard capability)
  3. Thanks guys. I've found the comparison chart:- Since none of these alarms have a solar-powered siren, I'd say that the Powermaster-30 would be the right choice as it allows a wired siren, don't you think? Actually how do these alarm sirens continue to work if they only have a battery powered siren?
  4. Thanks sixwheeledbeast. Powemaster it is then. However, for my needs (SEE BELOW), which one of the powermaster models would you recommend? The features I'm looking for:- Must be Wireless Have an External Siren that is either mains connected or solar-powered with battery backup Difficult to Hack/Jam Able to Dial-out/Send SMS to mobiles/landlines ADDITIONAL BONUS would be - The ability to control it on smartphone/pc For your information, I need to cover:-1 x Front Door2 x Double Patio Doors3 x Downstairs Rooms
  5. Thanks WDT. I'm hoping at the very least these locks will put some delay in letting a burglar in, but now I'm struggling with choosing an alarm which is vital for peace of mind and security.
  6. Hi again everyone, I've been fairly busy thanks to the great advice on this forum. I've replaced all the rubbish euro cylinder locks on the french doors with AVOCET ABS locks. After you great members advise to go for a visonic, I really like it and think one of these would be ideal. I rang visonic for further information, but they said they only advise professional installers, so I'm stuck. Could you please help me work out which one of these are the newest models & what the difference is between each of the following models:- POWERMAX PRO POWERMAX COMPLETE
  7. ALL DONE!....I took out the old cylinder locks which were unbranded and definitely looked like the old euro cylinder locks. now replaced all 4 of the locks with the AVOCET ABS locks....each cost £40! ....phew! Thank you! Now I need help with the burglar alarm system and would be most grateful if you could advise on my other thread. I'm trying to choose between the VISONIC POWERMAX or one of the POWERMASTER 10/30/33.
  8. What if there is no badge at all or it simply has a "C" logo?
  9. Okay mate, will do that, thanks. Moving on, does the visonic have a built-in dialler as standard or do I have to buy that seperately?
  10. So the shock system would be part of the alarm? Okay got it. How can I be find out what type of cylinder locks I already have as there is no name or logo???
  11. lol....I'm sure I can figure it out. Excluding the texecom, which of the other two have the most features? Also do any of the two have diallers or sms alert systems?
  12. Thanks al-yeti. I know what anti-snap locks are, but what are shocks? Your right....I'm now budgeting more to allow for these measures
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