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  1. It's so true they always become a problem later down the line as well.
  2. I totally agree however you know some customers try to be cheap
  3. To fix you would need find tamper fault, set a multimeter to resistance and place on 2 green wires places in tamp, you should see a reading near 0, if not you will need to break down and test each zone wire individual until fault is found, in contact the tamper is magnetic, on pir the tamper is mechanical switch or electronic contact. The junction box is where each tamper is wired in series so that if loop is broken tamper loop the alarm goes off.
  4. Thanks told customer only option is upgrade panel and keypad
  5. Did think so Sounds like a plan
  6. would the galaxy mk7 keypad work with this panel as they have built in prox fob
  7. Do you mean this keypad would keypad function ? most likely not however could be wired to use rf to set and unset https://www.hkcsecurity.com/en-GB/products/intrusion-keypads/rf-rkp---rf-remote-keypad-/
  8. Already suggested however customer does not want to spend that kind of money may just leave them with keypad until they get fed up.
  9. hmm the galaxy max 4 is more expensive, client is bit cheap skate lolz, i will check manual i believe it uses key switch input so the ss2 could be used to set and unset, i do not need fancy lights as will be fitting next to keypad so just simple set and unset.
  10. I guess i could use door entry fob to set and unset system something like this https://www.doorentryonline.co.uk/acatalog/SR2-Proximity-card-key-fob-reader.html
  11. Is this only compatible with pyronix panel ?
  12. Perfect will speak to client no stock when you get to checkout this lockdown has really screwed up stock levels
  13. That is if he makes it out of lockdown https://www.onlinesecurityproducts.co.uk/prox-readers-fobs.html seen this one never used before
  14. I don't think client wants to spend more than £50 - £80 current simple set reader has failed is reason for upgrade
  15. The alarm is honeywell accenta mini g4 with lcd keypad, the Simple Set reader SS/01 is no longer available and seems to be discontinued, what other proximity fob readers can be used instead of replacing control panel and keypad. Thanks peeps i l know it been a while hope everyone is good
  16. Thanks for all your replies here is extract from insurance company towergate_insurance.pdf see section 8zz2 alarm clause I need to know if current system which is bs4737 put under contract or will they have to upgrade system ?
  17. thats good to hear you have to link out and then go through panel to reset as you know i wont go into detail on here
  18. so the upgrade would mean grade 2 alarm panel with keyfob such as galaxy 2-12 ? the company that take on maintenance contract will replace voice dialler with an arc device ?
  19. The current system installed is honeywell as follows; 8SP399A Accenta min g4 panel (unsure) 8IR100 Pir sensors (grade 2) 8EP420 reason 8 bell box (grade 2) 8EP276A informa speech dialer (unsure) SS/01 simple set reader (unsure) The insurance require the alarm system to registered with nsi or ssaib installer therefore would like to know what grade is system overall and what will need to replaced to make alarm compatible to be on contract ? Thanks in advance.
  20. sorry typo error you are correct i will edit post
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