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  1. Thanks for the replies all - I will have a crack at it later on today or this week just to see if I can identify and understand how he has wired it up Its good learning anyway plus I was thinking of converting it to a smart alarm with one of these konnected boards and hassio - but not sure yet its a bit of money for lets face it not much benefit really
  2. Hi all Ive recently added a new PIR in kitchen extension - well that was a few years ago really and the alarm hasnt worked for a while now as weve had quite a bit of work done in the house I have had the tamper light on for ages on the keypad and the alarm would not set - so Ive been trying to sort and while its working now (kind of) I dont think any of the tampers are working at all Ive added new PIRs today and by swapping the old ones off (for the pet friendly type) - I think the alarm should go off when the covers comes off but its not working - so I
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