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  1. I got on very well with him I often called him author mo because of his long posts and my condolences go out to his family and friends.
  2. I am of the opinion that despite the technology improvements you always have the weakest link of relying on batteries so would never recommend any radio system. Having said that some systems work extreamly well with a lot of advantages that wired systems do not have but call me old fashioned I will never fit one voluntarily although I did last year but only due to the customers requesting it after decorating their house and didn't want any cables showing anywhere he he reminds me of the saying don't sell the customer what he needs sell him what he wants. With many customers now wanting radio wifi etc these days I am glad to give them what they want but refuse to fit the cheap ones that die without warning etc etc the more expensive ones give a warning months in advance of a break down/battery failure. I would still recommend wired before radio though.
  3. Not much point really as the weather men can't accurately predict the temperatures so we have no chance to do so.
  4. Yeah! batteries are a "specialist" subject on their own and of course good old ohm's law ends with "provided the temperature remains constant" (which it doesn't). The other situation comes into being too when you have a detector covering a high traffic area and comparing the life of it to the life of one stuffed (technical term) in a store room that is hardly ever entered.
  5. I have found batteries of all types, descriptions and manufacturers to be like lamps they can last a long time or a short time and with wireless stuff when monitored gives an advanced warning. Even then when the sun comes out what appeared to be a failing battery has been recovered by the system until the next cold spell. What we tend to do is use the ones we find to be best as the above chart indicates and of course the use and therefore drainage of the battery will dictate to a great degree how long they will last. E.g. on the wireless sounders from Texecom I saw the note about the life of the batteries can be between 2 years or 4 or 5 years depending if you enable the "comfort" led's or not. If you do continuous bell testing this too will reduce the life of them. My biggest gripe about radio/wireless stuff is battery life. I see it as the weakest link in the security of the system even if the system proves to be great when working properly.
  6. That's the same difference. They buy direct fit it themselves and then lie to get their money back when they say it didn't work. This aspect means they lie after they have paid so it's not the invoice factor (although that has always been a factor conventionally) its just that the average Joe hasn't got a clue. From a business point of view one requires to make a consistent and growing profit. From a customers point of view they just want something that works properly and consistently fit for the purpose it was bought for. So from a manufactures point of view they need a product or products that will serve the requests and desires of both the middle men and the end customer so go figure as they say over the pond!
  7. That would just change the people who they would lie to Norman
  8. Only those that lie through their teeth or thought they knew more than you as to how the alarm actually works However i don't think the manufactures can design that out
  9. Hi Nicey My first recommendation would be to contact the firm that installed it. They will have records of what the exact system is and may know why or how the system was "crashed" the term crashed has more than one meaning e.g. it could mean that the system has failed for one reason or other, maybe a lightening strike in a storm or the previous owners may have ended the contract with them and the system was locked to prevent further use. It also may have been reset to factory default. It may be just powered down Some alarm companies who actually own the equipment leave their equipment in place in the hope that the next occupiers take up a new rental and maintenance contract with them. Find out if any of these things apply to your alarm: Once you have the answers to the above you can then decide whether you would like the same firm to sort it out for you or get quotes from others to either fix/repair or replace what you have as well as training you of the proper use of it.
  10. My experience with this type of sensor is that they do just that i.e. sense pets. Having said that, knowing where and how to set them up properly according to the manufactures instructions gives reasonable protection with a small risk of unwanted (rather than false) alarms. The same goes for perimeter detection, if you set them up according to manufactures recommendations and instructions you are usually relatively free from unwanted alarms. Because of the nature of pets I don't think any manufacturer will guarantee that pets will never activate the alarm devices even if they are for so called "pet avoidance" I always recommend that pets are kept out of any alarmed areas if this is possible (and it always is one way or another) if not then the risk of occasional unwanted alarm must be accepted as part of the situation. In turn too many unwanted alarms will affect the response from the authorities and also the insurance in many instances and that is apart from key holders who may be fed up to turn out and of course neighbours who get fed up of the sounders going off
  11. Yes it will work but as Charlie said the engineer who sets it up will know the sites circumstances and the appropriote programming for the best use of the customer and he will also spend time training the customer to ensure it works to his satisfaction. The chances are there will be a pir in the hall so that would be programmed to start the entry time when coming to unset the system in part set.
  12. This has always been at the top of my list of manufacturers failing to do their research and development for themselves. There is nothing worse in my opinion of installing a panel and it has bugs that have been not picked up before releasing it. Hmmmm just wondering if there should be a compensation plan in place to reclaim lost time and embarrassment for unsuspecting installers who expect quite rightly that stuff should work fit for the purpose intended. I have a pet hate of some panels have very limited power supplies and transformers that are not changable without taking the enclosures off the wall to do so.
  13. The vestibule PIR can be programmed as final exit too in part guard. Depending how big a vestibule you have my concern would be false alarms caused by opening the front door and the PIR activating before the contact on the front door dropped out.
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