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  1. I have quite a few older heitel / camdisc dvr / nvr recorders and have fitted hikvision / hi tel ip cameras to them , but since a few months a go and the newer software and higher resolution in the cameras they are not compatable with the older recorders , has any one use a different camera that works , I do have to down grade them to 2 mp and work well for what I use them for i have a quantity of theses recorders so rather find a camera to suite , rather than replace the recorder Many thanks for any info / help you can give
  2. Any one know how to replace a faulty hard drive with standard hard drive , instead of having to buy a new one from heitel , I do know they have some sort of software/information on the hard drive
  3. I purchased a Hikvision doorbell , and it works fine , but in stead of putting a normal door bell in line , I’m trying to get it to drive a realay to give me s dry set of contacts , so I can either connect it to a wirless door bell system or drive an alarm in put on the dvr , as the device runs on 18/24 ac
  4. Trying to find a link / download for pythonixs sterling 10 alarm panel
  5. hi im after a network scanning tool or app that can show all devices connected to a switch or router , even if its a different ip range .eg say im using but the device might be or something different i have removed some ip cameras and trying to get in to them as dont know make or ip settings, they are only basic eye ball cameras
  6. just told customers the recorders are faulty most are 4 years old any way, i have now changed them, i changed them to hikvisions recorders
  7. Had another three avtechs in the last week , same fault network settings , most keeping user name and password and other setting , so don’t think it’s the internal battery I’m upgrading them to hikvision
  8. I have had a lot of recent faulty avtech dvrs of all models , the common fault is network setting to an unusual network starting with 10. And various 4 digit port number , theses are on units a couple of years old , is there a fix or should I just scrap them , I’m glad I stoped installing avtech , but I was using the the alarm push notification on some of them Wich was a brilliant for customers to self monitor , any one used anything simmiler
  9. on a resent cctv up grade , i removed two ADTVRT216100 dvrs, was wondering if its possible to default the unknown current password/settings , i have goggled but with no luck as yet, other wise i might have to skip them , for any help
  10. I did not see the audio record in the advanced settings, so changed that , but the audio is dropping in and out on play back, every second, but ok on live , the recording is set to continuous,
  11. I have installed 3 8ch hikvision ( DS-7208HGHI-SH ) in different locations and added audio , the problem I am trying to resolve is I have audio on the live feed ,but non on record/playback. I have set ch1 to record video/audio. I don't normally add audio to my installations so not sure if this model records the audio or am I missing something ,
  12. hi guys , been to see a customer to day who runs a couple of bars / clubs. and he has asked if it is possible to connect a till (windows based) and a camera ( prob ip ) to a back office server, to enable to search till sales and cctv images together, im only just looking in to this so advice / recommendation of possible hardware / software would be grate , mal
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