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  1. Night Owl


  2. Night Owl


    Estate Astra - does the job but nothing fancy. Would love a pickup though, not mad on vans.
  3. Night Owl

    PLAN (xPlan) Approved Contractor

    I've used Plan in the past, wasn't overly fond of it!
  4. Night Owl

    Fire alarm

    Sorry i've given wrong info, i've informed customer this wont make it a fire alarm but they want a smoke head to cover the barn where hay is going to be stored. What's should I be looking for smoke head wise?
  5. Night Owl

    Fire alarm

    Bonjour Customer wants a fire alarm installed in the barn, anyone know of any smoke heads that can be wired into a alarm panel? Thanks
  6. Night Owl

    SSAIB inspection help

    ServiceM8 - anyone tried this? Sure it's free!
  7. Night Owl

    Leaflet Advertising

    Checkatrade - bits now and now, don't rate it high Car sign written - got a job from it Flyering - nout and i've hand delivered and paid!
  8. Night Owl

    Visonic GE350-ATS4

    Jeeze that's steep! If you push the 'i/OK' button top right it will give you current status, is there a yellow warning light too?
  9. Night Owl

    Visonic GE350-ATS4

    Then it's 100% the alarm, what model Visonic is it? TBH when was it last serviced? If your mate has you in to take a look, i'd say a long time ago. Go get yourself some CR123's for the DT's and (CR2's?) for the door contacts and replace all batts. That should cure the noise, also another thing is it monitored? (phone line) because if it doesn't see the line it will give you a auible warning.
  10. Night Owl


  11. Night Owl

    Visonic GE350-ATS4

    I believe the GE350 is refernece to GSM module. What is the panel? If you don't know look here and see if you can recognise it? You should see a warning indication on the panel, might be low batt.
  12. Night Owl

    Visonic GE350-ATS4

    Yes.. haha.. replaced all the batts and still getting a beep..but system is clear of errors. Bloody Co2 alarm in same room as panel was flat.
  13. Night Owl

    Underground Ducting

    Star, thnak you! Am I right in thinking you can run normal Cat5 with SWA because the metal in armour stops EMF?
  14. Night Owl

    Underground Ducting

    Need to run a cat5 externally undergound 70m ( Can be small 20mm ), what type of containment do you reccommend that's not going to cost a bomb?
  15. Visonic Powermax Pro = nicer version of the complete. Both good panels but the kit is 1 way. Powemaster is the newer of the bunch and you wan't to go for the 33. This allows you to connect wireless keypad ontop of DT's, Sirens etc.. This is all 2 way and the more advanced stuff.