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Vodaphone SMS TAP service End Of Life

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Dial up SMS/TAP SMS - End of Life Over the last few years, Vodafone has been working to ensure our network is the most reliable and secure for our business customers. A key part of this is to review our product and services portfolio. To ensure our business customers are operating on a network that provides them with the reliability, security and speed required to operate effectively, we've made some important decisions regarding some of our products and we're beginning to wind down some of our older services and capabilities. The capability known as Dial up SMS or TAP SMS is being withdrawn by Vodafone. TAP SMS is a capability whereby users’ equipment dials the number 07785 499993 to send SMSs to specified telephone numbers. What does this mean? Dial up SMS/TAP SMS will be withdrawn on 31 May 2022 and users will no longer be able to access the number 07785 499993 after this date


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7 hours ago, james.wilson said:


Although it's hardly worked anyway for the last few years lol

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