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Errors in 9827 keypad

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I replaced the old 9800 keypad with 9827. The whole system was the left by the previous home owner and I think not used for a few year. Bought a new battery. The old keypad  had beeping sounds when pressing the keys but some keys were not working so I decided to replace it. However no info on the screen. Only have one keypad. 

With the new keypad, address set to 1, and with cables connected the same way as the old one, I am getting the following:


Does anyone know what error is this? I did power down mains first, then battery, then waited a bit and connected battery and mains. I do have the user code but doesn't seem to do anything. Now there is no sound coming even when I press the keys.

This is the panel - does anyone see anything blatantly wrong/missing? Thanks


And one more picture. Is the NVM chip missing?


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1 hour ago, Vulcan27 said:

Wanted to add that the PIRs all seem to work - or at least they flash red when moving in front of them. And the alarm goes off when disconnecting mains and battery.

What makes you think keypad. Works writing it? Or even working 

Seriously the panel is scrap 


How much was keypad

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I don't ever recall seeing vertical two lines like that on the display for Scantronics.

You may get a compatible 9800 or 9x5x somewhere but your just replacing a really old obsolete panel with a less old obsolete panel. There's no guarantees the keypad isn't duff or become duff due to a fault with the current panel.

There's a lot more to a working system than the lights flashing on the PIR's too. At least the external sounder would appear to working correctly from what you have said.

I know you probably want to DIY but have a think about how much time, trail and error, money and effort you want to put into it first. We have seen many a DIYer spend months asking questions trying to get something near functional.


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