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SL Compact motion sensor change

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Hi all.


Converted my garage into a man den.


My alarm is an SL Compact.

Anyway had a PIR in there and decided to change it to a new shiny one to go with the new paint work. The older PIR had gone yellow.


Disconnected old PIR reconnected new one and now alarm panel has Zones 2,3 & 4 lit up. These are PIR Zones. I think Zone 1 is the front door & Zone 5 the back door.


I cant set alarm now.


Btw way, (stupidly) I dint turn the power off to the alarm whilst doing the change. 


My question; Could I have damaged the mother board by not switching off the power? And, what would  test/fix would you recommend?



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Blown a fuse in the main controls.

When was the last time the system was serviced? Maybe worth considering having a service if it's been a while.

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