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Galaxy G2 - Menu 21 Zone Status Display for Wireless PIR's

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A quick query about my self-installed Galaxy G2-20 panel and zone status in Menu 21.


I have three Honeywell Wireless IR(PI)8M PIR's connected via a C079-2 RF Portal. In addition, several wired PIR's.


The wireless PIR's have connected to the panel fine and I get the serial numbers and signal strength information etc..


When testing the wired PIR's I can see the current status of these (OPEN/CLOSED) in Menu 21 Zone Status depending on the live detection. However, I do not get a toggle between OPEN and CLOSED in Zone Status for my wireless PIR's if I place a live movement (a cooperating family member) in those rooms - is this normal?


When I do a walk test the wireless PIR's detect me correctly and the system works fine.


The lack of a live zone status for the wireless PIR's is just niggling me.


Many thanks



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They trigger once and send signal and then you have to wait before they trigger again , but yes don't show open close very well otherwise 


You don't need it anyway lol

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