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  1. Great suggestion It seems the Flex 20 with small metal box [ product C005-S-E1 ] is what I need to get and the conversion cost seems pretty low. The only question remaining - is it worth moving from a well regarded solid G2-20 to a Flex-20 (on the basis that I am happy with the cost to replace the panel and the small investment in time)? How do installers regard the Flex range? Thanks
  2. Hi Al-Yeti, The Touchcenter wants an access code to enter setup. The factory default codes or subsequently changed system engineer and user-master codes do not work for this access code. Think I'm stuck with the wrong time and date. Thanks.
  3. Hi All I have a query about the extent of compatibility of the Touchcenter keypad when connected to a Galaxy G2-20 panel. I purchased the Touchcenter with some ignorance not aware that I would not be able to unlock all the slick features as it really is a Galaxy Dimension component. It seems that the only function available to me on the Touchcenter is the emulated MK7 keypad (which works fine). What is a little irritating is the incorrect date and time displayed on the home screen (shown before I press the MK7 keypad icon). Of course, the emulate
  4. Hi A quick query about my self-installed Galaxy G2-20 panel and zone status in Menu 21. I have three Honeywell Wireless IR(PI)8M PIR's connected via a C079-2 RF Portal. In addition, several wired PIR's. The wireless PIR's have connected to the panel fine and I get the serial numbers and signal strength information etc.. When testing the wired PIR's I can see the current status of these (OPEN/CLOSED) in Menu 21 Zone Status depending on the live detection. However, I do not get a toggle between OPEN and CLOSED in Zone Status for my wireless PIR's i
  5. Hello James & GalaxyGuy Thank you for your help it is really appreciated. What a great forum. James - the ethernet module does show on the G2 panel menu structure after connecting - so I see what you mean my G2 panel does support ethernet modules!! GalaxyGuy - yes it is the CHIRON GT-20, looks like I'll be buying the LCE-01 module then! Is there a suggested marketplace for selling my pricey GT-20 to installers other than ebay? Again many thanks for your help. I'll also be posting a message soon about some other minor things.
  6. Hi All I’m looking for some help with setting up remote monitoring on my self-installed Galaxy G2-20 panel. Here is a quick description of my system: Galaxy G2-20 Panel [Firmware 1.55] RF Portal [ C079-2 ] Ethernet Module [ GT-20 ] Two Keypads [ 1x Touchcenter, 1x MK7 ] 6x Wired PIR’s [ DT8016F5 ]; 3x Wireless PIR’s [ IR(PI)8M ] 2x Wired Door Contacts; 1x Wireless Door Contact [ D0800M ] 1x Outdoor Sounder [AG8] & 1x Indoor Sounder All is working very well but the getting a remote connection set up has defeated me.
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