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Freesense - You can be identified passively by WiFi

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Just seen an interesting white paper on studies that have shown you can be identified by your interaction with WiFi signals.



If you don't care for reading a white paper the overview is this maybe useful for smart homes of the future and has potential for domestic intruder detection.


It is based on the observation that each person has specific influence patterns to the surrounding WIFI signal while moving indoors, regarding their body shape characteristics and motion patterns. The influence can be captured by the Channel State Information (CSI) time series of WIFI.


Different people have different influence patterns to WIFI signals while moving around, regarding their body shapes and motion patterns.


Experimental results indicate that the identification accuracy is about 88.9% to 94.5% when the candidate user set changes from 6 to 2, showing that the proposed human identification method is effective in domestic environments.


Will need a fair bit of work before it could be used but the concept could see the end of the movement sensors and domestic security as we know it.

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