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As you correctly mentioned, bad termination is generally the issue. That is what gives ID a bad name.

On a side note one surveyor did a estimate to convert a TS690 to a M series. Brilliant, except he never checked closely enough. Got there with a panel and of course it was not ID and half the biscuits were duff. Mad dash back to office for ID M Series and some biscuits we had on the shelf, sorry for saying chips earlier :D

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Like I said, I have used ID for most of my alarm career and have not experienced any particular issues with it. Yes, it does have some cost advantages over some other types of panel signalling, but the main advantage (certainly with the old original karizma + ) was its diagnostics screen, which would almost always indicate a fault correctly. I still carry an old karizma + PCB and keypad purely for diagnostic purposes!

You are correct in saying that ID done poorly is a nightmare - but then so also is any other alarm signalling...........

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I have got a fair few old style "white" iD biscuits, brand new packs as I bought as many as possible for "extra works" on old 1700's and 690iD's. I love iD, we do loads of them, or we did until the prices went up - 21-30's are a ridiculous price now and a lot more faults than their used to be on brand new, out of the box, biscuits. EOL all the time now. 

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Die, iD, die!!!

Not fitted a new one for a good 5 years now. Shame we have loads still in the field. Good mix of kaizma + and ts menvier


Last id we fitted was swap out about 6 years ago.

Only got about 4 karizmas left out there!

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Ultimate was a great panel, way ahead if its time.

got mixed reception from fitters, as any faults that normally happen get blamed unfairly on the technology.

When ADE got took over seems the sales drive for iD was dropped, stopped seeing detectors with an iD socket, but i think still available as adaptions for likes of Gardtec and Tunstal panels.

the early biscuits were well sealed, later they would part. mixed blessings as you could get the module into a smaller place easier, i suggested supply the modules in transistor fashion with wired transistor sockets, would make them quick to change out and easier to fit no soldering direct required.

closes to it today i've seen is Risco BUS used on ProSys and Litsys panels, detectors have address dip switches and if using udl software very good diagnostic tools.

If you think education is difficult, try being stupid!!!!

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