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Bt Versatility With External Transfer


Hi Everyone, I have the bt versatility system with voicemail cards and auto attendant etc.

We are a recruitment agency with the need for an out-of-hours option on the auto attendant, allowing callers to choose option 1 to be diverted to the on-call consultant (a mobile).

Is this possible with anolgue lines? We have four lines on the system.

The company we bought it from said we have two options: to setup *121* from bt to divert all calls or change to isdn lines... can any1 help?


Ryan :whistle:

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We have a specialist on these systems who frequents this forum (Lectrician), so he will definitely be able to give you the advise you need.

He isn't online at the moment, but he is on here almost every day ...... so keep checking back.

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VERY simple, and easy on any system. When you see how simple, you will slap yourself!

Setup an extension to recieve the calls destined for your auto attendant 'press 1' (I assume you know how to do this and have the correct firmware on the system - early systems cannot do this).

This extension doesn't need to be cabled really - just a socket next to the CCU to plug in a phone to program (on the extension you have setup), or if you use the computer software you can program without even installing this socket.

Set the extension that recieves this 'press1' auto attendent to DIVERT ALWAYS to an external number (9 before the number).

As simple as that ;-)

You say you use PSTN lines. you must have 2 or more lines for this to work - someone dialling in will use one of the other lines for the divert back out. Be aware, if you only have two lines, if two people ring in, the divert will not work as there will be no lines for the divert to go out on. Also be aware that you will be charged the cost of the call.

If you had ISDN lines, you could subscribe to 'call DEFLECTION'. You then set the Versatility to tell the EXCHANGE to DEFLECT the call to the external number which then does not tie up ANY exchange lines. You still get charged the cost of the call.

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