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  1. Hi Brev

    the password is cliffords

    ..... but you'll be dissapointed. No-one uses the SSAIB area.I'm told the NSI area is the same.

    How come you're not on Versigo? Has no-one told you about it?


  2. Something like this: The alarm system detailed in this design proposal will be maintained in accordance with the EN 50131-1:2004/PD6662 and DD CLC/TS 50131-7:2003 series. 2 maintenance services will be carried out per year, consisting: A Test tamper detection B Test setting & unsetting C Check entry & exit procedures D Test power supply & circuits E Test operation of detectors F Operation of warning devices G Test operation of ATE .
  3. Exactly. I don't like to see members slating "the company" without knowing the facts. There's always 2 sides.
  4. Before you all condemn the alarm company ..... we don't know yet if they installed it or just sold the kit to the OP.
  5. Were you sold the equipment or was the alarm installed by the alarm company?
  6. Not sure you can do that. UK law takes precedence over any terms and conditions you apply. We never sell anything unless we fit it.
  7. Link in distribution chain ..... or was it a trick question?
  8. You're right, I hadn't thought about that ........ OK, Dave Rogers, I'll sell you what you want but Visonic may black list me and my peers may stop talking to me so it'll have to be worth my while ....... Send me a cheque for £20k and it's yours.
  9. Not officially. The makers have deemed that kit is only suitable for bona fide trade customers and esked suppliers to respect their decision, but they make other equipment available to everyone
  10. I didn't vote cos I couldn't see the relevance of the question. Non trade can buy alarm equipment .... but if one manufacturer or supplier chooses not to sell to non-trade (or even to one particular person), that is their choice. End of. .
  11. well yes, but Roger was implying that you can just fit and run. I thought the statement needed some balance
  12. Woah there. Not quite that easy. You need to carry out a site test first to make sure you're gonna get the necessary signal strength. They only use the vodaphone network which in some areas is dead ropey.
  13. It's as much about base stations as signal strength
  14. You see this is how forums work: If someone posts a reply with a B) in it ........ it's likely to be a humourous reply, not expected to be taken seriously. B) (Did you spot the B) at the end?)
  15. Yes, I think he may well get certified .... B)
  16. ... but he then went on to say that approved alarms are not needed and overpriced. Saying that he thinks Yale is OK is fine ..... but posting misleading information is always going to lead to it being challenged, and rightly so.
  17. I'm a professional and I like the Yale alarms. We've earned good money over the years taking them out and installing proper alarms after the yale ones have proved more trouble than they're worth. .... so Fastalarms, you keep fitting them mate. That'll keep the rest of us in business in the future.
  18. You're replying to a post from 2005. None of the other posters in this thread have been on our site for 2 years .... so I don't think you'll get a response from them.
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