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    Bt Versatility With External Transfer

    Hi Everyone, I have the bt versatility system with voicemail cards and auto attendant etc. We are a recruitment agency with the need for an out-of-hours option on the auto attendant, allowing callers to choose option 1 to be diverted to the on-call consultant (a mobile). Is this possible with anolgue lines? We have four lines on the system. The company we bought it from said we have two options: to setup *121* from bt to divert all calls or change to isdn lines... can any1 help? Regards Ryan
  2. ryanjustin

    Barclays Hold Music

    An 0845 number... whats the tune called???... I want it lol
  3. ryanjustin

    Barclays Hold Music

    Does anyone know what the Barclays local business plays on-hold... it's real funky jazz.... nices tunes!
  4. ryanjustin

    Bt Versatility With Auto Attendant

    A huge thank you! I've configured the system with your help and it's working great! A million thank yous!
  5. ryanjustin

    Bt Inspiration With Bts Featureline

    We contacted BT and told them we were unhappy being miss-sold. It took 2 weeks for the lines to be transferred to normal analogue lines. We now don't have to dial 99 What is least call routing? Contacted a supplier in the mainland and got a really good deal on bt versatility system, he arranged the install for me... great way... much better than bt could offer!
  6. ryanjustin

    Bt Versatility With Auto Attendant

    Thank you for this.. I will try it out tomorrow! At the moment we use it as a means to hold calls, but with no options. We're a small office and don't think we need it currently, though it might be good to filter calls??
  7. ryanjustin

    Bt Versatility With Auto Attendant

    Hi, Can anyone please tell me if it's possible to do this: We have a BT Versatility system with auto attendant, when the greeting is played there is a long pause then you hear a tone similar to an engaged tone - i've since been told it's the ring tone... lol Is it possible to change this to external music on hold? I have it installed already but only plays when we answer calls and place them on hold, not after the auto attendant message... please help...
  8. ryanjustin

    Bt Inspiration With Bts Featureline

    I have since bought the bt versatility system and it's great... picked it up for
  9. ryanjustin

    Bt Inspiration With Bts Featureline

    Thanks for that! I'll call them tomorrow and see if I can change to the PSTN line. Do you know if I can change the hold music on the inspiration?
  10. Hi! We are moving to a new office next week and have ordered bts featureline (as advised by BT). We have an Inspiration system installed there and I really don't want to bin it because its vertually never been used and well... it's free lol. Bt wanted to charge me

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