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  1. Hi Brev

    the password is cliffords

    ..... but you'll be dissapointed. No-one uses the SSAIB area.I'm told the NSI area is the same.

    How come you're not on Versigo? Has no-one told you about it?


  2. I like that a lot. .....and I'd love to see their reply, but I suspect you won't get a proper one.
  3. Hi back .... and welcome
  4. The regs are copyright of British Standard. Duplicating/copying/publishing Etc. is not allowed.
  5. I've zapped 4 today so far .... and it's only 10.30 am ! make that 5 now.
  6. Don't know about the software ....... but I'm deleting 2 or 3 spam attacks a day
  7. Alors, pourquoi etes-vous nous dire a ce sujet?
  8. You should think twice befoor making that post. You know nothing abowt connect 4. I've used hunderds of diifrent ones ..... som of them are stil wokring ofter moor then 20 yeers. Posted in memory of Arfur and including specially designed spiling mistiks ....... but I couldn't be bothered making it 2 pages long.
  9. Hundred quid in a brown envelope to each mod? .... That seems fair to me.
  10. What's wrong is that you are enviting DIY'ers to carry out work which in most cases is beyond there comfort level. If they decide to do it fair enough, no-one on here wants to stop them. Their house, their alarm, their money ...... but that's different from encouraging them to do it. If you want to go down that road, carry on ....... Why are you bothered what we think? .... why are you even reading this?
  11. Something like this: The alarm system detailed in this design proposal will be maintained in accordance with the EN 50131-1:2004/PD6662 and DD CLC/TS 50131-7:2003 series. 2 maintenance services will be carried out per year, consisting: A Test tamper detection B Test setting & unsetting C Check entry & exit procedures D Test power supply & circuits E Test operation of detectors F Operation of warning devices G Test operation of ATE .
  12. You didn't mention any freebies
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