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  1. I Don't know what you are trying to get at, why am i making matters worse?, all im asking is for some advise, a couple of elite members gave me some options ie fuse etc, then i read on another thread about cleaning the keypad & the system may need rebooting etc because we disconnected the keypad, if a simple fix why would i want a engineer to fix, but if these options do not work then yes i would get someone to replace it. I know the system is old, but does it matter if i can afford it or not? i had someone come out and said it might be the keypad, they will try and get a replacement, but
  2. We took the keypad completely off, I read a few replies saying about powering down etc etc etc? then re start system it could re power the keypad? I haven't a clue lol Thank you
  3. As my son was wiring it back up the alarm went off (the tamper sound) but when finished no power, I will try the fuse 1st, thank you
  4. Hi, thanks for replies, do you know what system I can swap over like for like? OMG I don't have rodents
  5. I have Accenta 6, never had a problem, then the other night around midnight the outside alarm went off even though it wasn't set, half asleep I entered our code a couple of times then realised I put the correct code in and it stopped but the attack light was on and the keypad wasn't working, but we had the red power and the green day light working. We had everything tested and battery extra seem ok, buttons started working except a few of them, we took it apart cleaned the back of the buttons which the ones not working was black, put it back together the alarm went off but now the
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