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  1. Agree, Its only a issue until you need to change things, some times a small investment is worth lots of hassle.
  2. I have been on both sides of the fence, security engineer and electrician and the daily mail lie, electricians earn much more than that hahah
  3. GGF


    Hi New to the forum, My name is Glen I work for a national fire and electrical company, main reason for joining is to make contact with sub-contractors, for job opportunity's, and give some advise where I can to fellow engineers.
  4. We are a national company Looking for a Sub contractor to carry out, the installation of a Paxton net 2 system on 4 doors, and Install a videx audio only 4 way door entry system. Must be DBS checked, and have a knowledge of a paxton net2 system. If you are interested please send me your contact details and I will be in touch. On completion will be looking to continue a working relationship on other projects.
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