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  1. Number 999 stir fried pork ? Thanks Peter, yes.
  2. Thanks both. I tried the met contact number on google but spoke to a restaurant! i will have another look
  3. Hi all would someone be able to confirm where I need to send the appendix B form for met police? many thanks
  4. What's your day rate? Do you have Lenel/Honeywell and galaxy experience?
  5. I'd never interested to know where from too Great post (apologies)! blame predictive. Id be interested to know where you purchased the secondhand board too.
  6. I require a team to assist with an access control swap out. Approximately 80 doors. System to be installed is ccure 9000. Work to commence end of November with opportunity to visit clients site next week 5th / 6th November. Suit a team of 2+ ideally - Future projects also available.
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