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  1. I was recently on a job and as I walked into the kitchen I was hit with that smell of death , it wasn’t till I opened the panel that I realised where it was coming from
  2. Ranson

    Panel identification

    Guard hall px48i?
  3. Ranson

    What panel is this?

    Old scanny 9100
  4. Ranson

    New guy asking for advice

    Can’t beat a wire , I would ask them if they could install a texecom hybrid system
  5. Ranson

    Scantronic 9800(+)

    Bin it
  6. Ranson

    What texecom system to get?

    Engineer code /master code can easily be defaulted anyway with out defaulting the whole panel so it’s not a big issue even if they don’t give you the engineer code

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