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  1. Hmm sounds like the programming will need a laptop! I don't carry a laptop all the time. You are going to miss out on a large chunk of the market place if you exclude the domestic market. Being a smaller independent, I would be reluctant to try a new model that has no working history. Still be interested see what you come up with.
  2. For me I tend to do mostly domestics, average zones 11. If possible I like to have a panel that can do upto 16 wired zones with the facility to add wireless. Pet hate is coming across a panel that has a completely impossible programming tree to follow. For me I'm finding Risco lightsys2 to fit that hate.
  3. Have to say I came across a drum of 6 core that was horribly thin and yes I did notice that my global tamper reading was a lot higher that expected after breaking the cct down and checking the cable with no Installation faults I believe it's the thin cable that gave me a high reading. It happened to be from an old drum I found in the bottom of a box under a pile of other boxes in my garage.
  4. Mountainrider, how did it go in the end? Did you start up or let the idea go? I went self employed in 2004 my money dived to nothing for 2 years but did pick up slowly. Strangely moving to Cheshire from north Wales 4 years ago has been the best thing ever I ever did as my income has massively improved (and my prices stayed the same)
  5. Hi everyone, this is my second time here (I think) I was a member way back in 2005 or there abouts couldn't remember any of my original log in stuff. Been in the alarm and CCTV industry since 1998 and self employed since 2004 Rejoined because its always nice to have another source of information for help and airport. And from time to time to share what I know.
  6. I used the KISS software 11 years ago I think it was in its very early stage as it seemed very clunky to use. I stopped using it within a few months. Might be worth having another look at.
  7. Does any one have any experience using these pet sensors? II have installed several of these for people that where getting pets. But most didn't in the end. But one customer already had a dog confined to the kitchen area. It was a an old springer that didn't move to fast, but it set of the digisense pet sensor every time. As it was a new customer I didn't mess around I ended up taking the k9 sensor from my house and it worked perfectly. Any one else used these and had challenge's. s
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