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    Tools Info - What you got

    I have the 165mm shears, require a delicate touch to strip T&E though without chopping the earth off. Deffo the shorter length for me with cutters though
  2. Stevie K

    Hi all

  3. Stevie K

    Tools Info - What you got

    Knipex for cutters, but I quite like the CK ones with the 2.5 & 1.5 slots, saves me the job of blowing them up to get the same result! Handy having the socket screw chopper on them too. Mind you, a good set of Knipex cut through screws like butter anyway. Used Draper screwdrivers for a while now, seem ok. Used to get a lifetime guarantee on CK screwdrivers, don't know if that's still the case. Use 'em, bugga 'em up, take them back to the wholesaler for a shiny new one!
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    Hello al-yeti. What's a monkey hag? I've just googled it and got images of a bizarre looking creature called a monkey slug Hi Norman, couple more random posts and I will. Cheers!
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    Hello, MrHappy!
  6. Stevie K


    Hi Just wanted to introduce myself to this forum. Fire alarm engineer & electrician by trade and run my own fire company in the East Midlands. Spend a load of time on the fire engineers forum, I guess they'll be some of you here too, but I've been dragged kicking 'n' screaming into intruder by my client base! Done a fair few basic systems over the years (Veritas R8's etc) having been an electrician since the 16th edition days (I feel so old!!!) but looking to go a lot deeper into it now. Here to pick up bits of wisdom and contribute where poss. Cheers Steve

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