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  1. DEFINATELY NOT DIY, RIGHT ABOUT THAT. DONT EXPECT IT TO BE Never had issues with other manufacturers equipment in regards to websafe **** Just Texecom. Been in the game since 1988. Getting a bit inpatient in me old age. Did use texecom near enough everyday when hardwired systems were the only way to get things done. Hope to get my head round it sooner or later before having a stroke. Gotta go commission one this morning. Customers gor a Plusnet router, so hopefully should be out of there within an hour
  2. Thanks guys for your replies Why can't it just be straight forward like Visonic and Pyronix for crying out loud. WHAT IS IT ABOUT TEXECOM
  3. Hi I recently purchased a Texecom 64-W wireless kit Version 5 and a Smartcom module for APP connection. The problem I am having is that when I try to generate an APP code by "Enable Texecom Connect APP" for an APP passcode to be generated, it eventually comes back with "NO CARRIER" meaning no access to the Cloud. I have Virgin media business broadband at home as it's where I run my business from and according to Texecom tech support, Websafe has to be disabled to allow access for the Smartcom to the Cloud. I was told to get the client to log into their Virgin Media account online and t
  4. Morning all. I've been using the Pyronix Enforcers and Euro 46's for the past 2 years. I thought I nailed it in regards to a perfect control system for hybrid use. I was wrong. For the past 6 months, I've had a few come backs where I had to return to an installation that had only been installed less than a year to replace the main PCB. No I'm not talking about the ****-up they had with the software issue. That seems to have been resolved with the flash upgrade. The problem now is apparently according to the regional sales person, some of the panels components are corrupt and sending corru
  5. Hi, I've been in the trade for 30 years. I've been running my company since 2004 under the NSI.
  6. Agility 3 I agree mate. I love the look of them. Been fitting them since sept last year. First one I fitted had signal failure on xs3d siren. Since then I continued using them just to see how I got on with them. I must have fitted about 30-40 using between 4-28 devices on each job roughly. I've had about 5 eyewave cam pirs with supervision failure, 4 xs3d sirens supervision failure, 2 faulty keypads with display and tamper faults, 1 faulty panel battery, 1 faulty wireless break glass. I think the equipment is all pretty. But the signal strength is poor on some of my jobs mainly 3-4 bed house
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