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  1. With the viper glx with contact can they be wired onto a Pyronix panel, I spoke to Honeywell technical and basically the guy said no - it will only work on a galaxy panel. Is this right guys or not and if its not right can you give me some information on the wiring with the resistors etc. Thanks
  2. I need some advice with regards to a Shock sensor with contact wired onto a Pyronix Euro 46 panel to be used as sensors on windows. Unfortunately Pyronix do not make these so Im looking at two types the Honeywell Viper GLX with contact or the Texecom Impaq plus with magnetic contact. I will be using the usual 2k2 and 4k7 resistors can someone give me some advice with regards to the wiring and do I need to use them over 2 zones or can I use them over 1 zone for a grade 2 system. If someone can give me some advice on the wiring setup or if someone can recommend another product with details. Thanks Scott
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