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  1. Hi, Does anyone know the connection for line fault in a CD72 connection 34. Is it pos applied? Thanks
  2. Hi Galaxy Guy. Thanks for the reply. Yes it’s in Beldon screened twisted pair. Unfortunately multiple busses. No Comms device (good old fashioned Redcare) and all look good in diagnostics. However, could dip, as mentioned it can sit fine for days. Even weeks sometimes. Think induced voltage is the best path to take. They did have instances of the AC passing 250vAC. Which I originally put the faults down to. However UKPN have monitored now and has been clear for some time, apparently.
  3. Thanks for your comment al. Yeah got that as mentioned. Screen down one end. And terminated at 680. Really weird. They just come in and out for a couple of seconds literally. Going to check for induced voltage.
  4. Hi James, I’m afraid not. We’re going to getting a Dualcom pro in for UDL soon. Yeah. Sometimes it’s a zone tamper or hi-res. Sometime a full on RIO tamper. Go to site. Check with multi-meter. Switches all working perfectly. Voltages all good and not overloaded, smart RIO’s all over. Seems to be from smarts to be honest mostly. Have a common Neg right through. Screen down at panel end only. 680 termination. This particular site is version 6.84. But we seem to experience similar problems from 2 other large galaxy installations. All using 520’s. Very strange.
  5. Hi James. It’s a mixture to be honest. The RIO tampers are the strangest it’s reporting but sometimes door contacts. Do you know what version was sensitive. Also why do you ask doors? Thanks for messaging back
  6. Hi All, I am wondering what other installers are finding with Galaxy panels. We find that out Galaxy tend to give us RIO tampers/hi-res on zones out of the blue. Signal lasts about 3 seconds. Then all is okay. Sites are relatively new. Less than 10 years old. Cables run segregated and 680ohm termination on data lines. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks,
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