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  1. Not too familiar with this particular type but there will be permanent power ( 12volts from / to + - ) and a connection to make the autodialler start usually a switched - . This can be either connected to bell output on panel or to digi ch3 / intruder output if you have one . Depending on the autodialler you can use other channels for fire , PA , medical etc if you have appropriate outputs on panel . There may also be a tamper connection on auto dialler that connect in usual method to your panel Hope that helps
  2. If you have a programming manual look at 60-64 and same range in 70's if memory serves
  3. Too far for me to advise but others on here may see your topic and advise so keep checking
  4. You will need to get a engineer to basically come and factory reset your codes and give the system the once over . At the very least your battery will need replacing depending on your location I am sure someone in here can provide either the service you need or recommend someone
  5. took callum swimming club tonight at pock school, just got to the stage were he was getting a shower afterwards when all went black - litterally the whole of pocklingtonwent into blackout. i was never more glad i have a torch app on my blackberry!. it was really funny driving through the town with no lights or anywhere.And we had to find a another fish shop to the one we normally go to!!

  6. I just spent the last 3/4 's hour getting Callum to do his homework which , i might add, he was willing to and did. however it was maths and involved a simple use of algebra to work out a missing number but callum would insist on trying to work out the missing number by actually working it out by trial and error ....

  7. had a nice afternoon out with Ben and Callum - back home now and have to do those flippin time sheets, at least if i get them done tonight it leave me free tomorrow .... (to tidy up, clean,..... )

  8. bought Callum (& ben) 2 big fun, in all the times I have come here I have never seen it so busy! we had 2 queue 4 45 mins 2 get in, and the q outside is still getting larger.

  9. well it was a struggle but the working week is over, friday tried to fight and didn'tt want to finish but i won out.I got Callum from school club and after tea he/i are going to watch Ben 10 togeher and then tomorrow i am taking him to spend his birthday gift vouchers and cash at 'Game' - he want that new black/White pokeman Dsi game.

  10. you know when you wake up and wish it was tommorrow.....

  11. As part of world book day Callums school asked us parents to send kids tommorrpw in a themed fancy dress - their chosen theme, the books and characters of roal dahl. I spent a fair bit of my limited spare time today hunting fpr a suitable fox or chocalatire type costume , nobody had anything like. ending up getting a pair of jeans,red top , pan and wooden spoon. (ie george's marvelous medicine)

  12. Callum tonight reminded me what a similar temper to his mother he has got - i picked him up from school club as usual but because i accidentally tor one of his drawing s he had 'worked so long on' he went off on one. HE shouted , kicked , would,nt get into van and remembered everything i had done 'wrong' in the last 12 months!! (Maggie used to do the latter , which is what struck home..).

  13. why don't I get outside jobs when its warm! its bloody bitter here & I have 2 keep taking my gloves off 2 work!!

  14. just finished watching gnomeo & juliet - not bad 4 a kids film (or at least I did'nt fall asleep). heading homeward now - its 'bloomin' cold out here.

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