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  1. PM me your email address and I will send you access to our training videos. There's I full details on how to setup Insite with v10 enforcer. Tip. Use roving dual then Insite works out the panel type.
  2. They are all still available and any will work with enforcer but the inputs will not work on the enforcer so 068 to 069 are advised. and James, yes, the enforcer underneath is a Euro panel and support all the wired peripherals. In fact it can support 4 x 8 input ZEMs or even a ZEM32-WE making it a 66 input (64 wireless) panel. It can support the tag readers and output modules.
  3. HomeControl+ app is free and Pyronix Cloud is free for year 1 and £36 per year to end users there after. This is for LAN or Wifi for End User accounts.
  4. Hello. Voice version of enforcer is in testing now. Possible trial version soon. PM me. The current one can send SMS via TAP services. To be honest the app version is better as it does not use TAP services which are dated, costly and unreliable. The app version offers push messages via GPRS, LAN or Wifi. Better overall. And yes, you can wire a bell to it. Recommend to use low power or SCB mode and it will use one of the panel inputs for tamper.
  5. The deltabell plus can be connected without dropping the panel below 12 hours but the deltabell X may tip it over the edge. But it is unlikely. In theory. The enforcer has 70mA spare power to allow for 12 standby. The plus draws 60mA. The X draws 90mA. But the X has a light sensor so only displays when dark. So on average the X draws less current than the plus. As long as the bell can see daylight.
  6. If you can not get the keypads menu up by holding the D key, you may have knocked the screen contrast pot on the back of the keypad.
  7. It is grade 2. It has a digi and a supervised bell. So it does the best it can at the grade. If the risk assessment thinks the hall is not the best location then there are options for it to be located elsewhere. So yes. It is better than yale.
  8. Hi. This often happens on a new install as the battery is not charged. If you have one on the bench, leave it powered over night and try again. As I say, we have seen this several times. The battery we use has little to no charge when shopped.
  9. It's in the downloads section of our website. Technically bulletin TB004.
  10. Enforcer does monitor low battery faults. We had an issue a few years ago where it could be missed, but that was addressed.
  11. My understanding is it is a new unit, not a remote update. A new version of Insite for Castle and Pyronix panels is being developed which adds new com ports for the CSL UDL units.
  12. Sound like it is not enabled. First option in the ARC/SMS menu. Digi is Disabled/Enabled. Then for ARC1 which you have setup as SMS, it needs to be Active Yes. You need content type 6 to be on also btw. And do not remove the SMSC number.
  13. do you get any errors like 'ARC call fail'? do you see the LED go active on the digi when sending a message?
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