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  1. I've fitted a thumbturn to my front door. In that case it was a ABS cylinder, though the Ultion was a close second. The ABS thumbturn is spring-loaded so you have to push it in before it'll turn. It's not completely infallible, but makes it much more difficult to stick a coat hanger through the letterbox. I worked on the basis that my priority was my family getting out quickly in the case of a fire, without having to hunt around for keys. I phoned my insurance company (Direct Line) and told them, and requested written confirmation that they were happy with this arrangement. They se
  2. Try searching Google for "selfmon". GalaxyGuy on this forum has built his own Galaxy IP module and runs a pay-monthly service that lets you receive alerts when you set/unset the alarm, or if it goes off etc. He's also written apps for the iPhone and Android platforms. Best of all his IP module is ~£50 rather than ~£300 for the official one. Honeywell have released their own app, though it only works with their own IP modules and is nowhere near as good! Galaxy Gold has been replaced by Remote Servicing Suite (RSS). You can only get hold of a copy if you're a Honeywell registered instal
  3. Presumably you've seen the SelfMon service provided by GalaxyGuy? It uses the Galaxy Ethernet module rather than DualCom, though provides the same functionality (albeit single-path). However, I'm not sure if it works on the Flex - he'll be able to confirm. GalaxyGuy is probably also able to confirm the various firmware bugs in the Flex platform. I've not seen a lot of evidence to suggest that Honeywell are putting much effort into Flex. At one point it sounded like it might replace the G2 series, though these are still available, and the Flex doesn't seem to be pushed very hard. We're also
  4. A researcher (not CG) has published this on the security of the com-ip: http://www.lucalo.net/2015/12/30/security-alarm-and-iot/ Personally I'd that it meets the requirements of grade 2 - but not grade 3. I was a little surprised to see how the 'encrypted' password works though. That's potentially worse than the CSL homebrew effort - at least their decryption algorithm was closed shop. I've never used a Texecom panel. I was under the impression that Texecom brokered the connections between the com-ip and the app via their servers, thereby avoiding the need to open and forward router ports.
  5. Hahahaha. Gotta love tech support these days. Presumably you need to request that your neighbours also turn off their microwaves? What about Wi-Fi networks - do they need to be switched off too? Bloody Honeywell.
  6. It will. But needs a later firmware version for Ethernet.
  7. Are you using a proper serial port or a RS232 to serial adaptor? I've had issues with RSS and cheap USB converters as half the pins aren't connected. It either doesn't connect, sits waiting to connect, or immediately disconnects.
  8. That's what I'm trying to avoid. Previously I tried drilling between the wall and the plasterboard - but forgot about the galvanised bead that covers the corner. Drilling straight through the lintel at an angel seems like the tidiest solution - but that's b#%stard hard concrete.
  9. I'm interested how professional installers hide the cable feeding contacts on patio and french doors. It's obviously possible to completely hide the cable without the use of trunking - though I can't decide how. Do you drill upwards through the lintel and hope your aim is good enough that the hole pops out under the floor upstairs? On a related note, how do you go about drilling behind PIRs? Presumably a very long 6mm or 8mm drill and use the flexibility to keep the chuck away from the wall? Any ideas where I can buy such a drill - Screwfix and similar only sell 300mm max.
  10. Is it possible to lock Galaxy panels? I've certainly never encountered one. I thought that was a Scanny and Texe thing.
  11. Thanks. I've learnt some things today. Ignore 99% of my earlier post - I'm used to working on the Dimensions.
  12. No. That module is not compatible with G2-12 - just the Galaxy Flex series.The Honeywell E080-4 module is compatible with both the Honeywell app and the SelfMon app. Expect to pay £100 ish on fleebay, or more from a trade supplier (eg Security Warehouse). The older Honeywell module is the E080-2, though as specified on the page that GalaxyGuy linked to, this needs to be running firmware v2.08 or later to work reliably. AFAIK there isn't a way to check the firmware version short of connecting the module to the panel and viewing the info in the diagnostics menu. Saying that, some modules have st
  13. popjon

    Cisco 800 Series

    From the IP you provided I'd guess that this is a big site with outsourced IT support. You're unlikely to be able to port forward from the outside world onto your DVR due to the design of the network and the security lockdowns in place. I'd suggest talking to your customer and determining who manages that router and going though the proper procedure. Worst case you get a ADSL line installed that is dedicated to the DVR.
  14. popjon

    Cisco 800 Series

    But be aware that if it's a Cisco router then it is probably there for a reason - and it's probably somebody's job to manage and secure it. They probably aren't going to take kindly to you fiddling with their router - in the same way that you wouldn't be best pleased if somebody started reprogramming your panel.
  15. Sorry, disregard what I said. I took open/close to mean in the SIA sense, not in the unset/set sense. Nope, the Galaxy won't log individual zone activations to a serial printer except when set.
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