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  1. matthew.brough's post in Hello Everybody was marked as the answer   
    I'd pay money if someone was willing to do him in . . .
  2. matthew.brough's post in Corrie Tonight was marked as the answer   
  3. matthew.brough's post in Honeywell Keyprox Mk7 - Back Light Control was marked as the answer   
    Keypad controls are controlled in menu 58 however on a G2 the only thing you can control is the groups whereas on a GD you have more flexibility where you can control what the A & B key does, Buzzer mimic, Backlighting (which to get your desired outcome above is option 4), Keypad mute, Status, Groups
    G2 is the baby panel and as such only has limited functionality
  4. matthew.brough's post in Bellbox Connections was marked as the answer   
    That don't luck very healthy. Do you keep a fire extinguisher standing by?
  5. matthew.brough's post in Accreditation, Worth It Or Not? was marked as the answer   
    CCTV forget it. I say that as a SSAIB company who has both CCTV badges and pays £400 a year for them for no real benefit at all. Don't forget, if you have the badge it isn't just the annual fees (which mine total around £1600 a year now) every system you install you have to give a certificate which are expensive. For the market you are chasing that is significant.
    My personal view is I'd wait until it stops you getting work otherwise it could just be a complete waste of cash that you could spend on other things.
  6. matthew.brough's post in Galaxy Dimension Logging Zone/link/output Activations was marked as the answer   
    Why on earth are you using links?

    What you want is easily achieved by creating a custom zone. Menu option 64. Tell it you want to log always and only create an alarm on full set. Job done.
  7. matthew.brough's post in Advice On Mains Failure - Scantronic 9651Pd was marked as the answer   
    The standards require the user to acknowledge fault conditions. I don't know about your specific panel but most beep and annoy the user until the alert is acknowledged which is what you are describing. If this is a new panel, this would explain why you are seeing what you are.
  8. matthew.brough's post in Ati Series 5000 was marked as the answer   
    Even I was young when they made this thing obsolete.
  9. matthew.brough's post in Power Cut Causes Alarm, Tried Replacement Battery Already was marked as the answer   
    Fuse failure that covers the battery?
  10. matthew.brough's post in Can Anyone Id This Rkp Please was marked as the answer   
    Avanti xp
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