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  1. Well its odd, because my first alarm was a TS500, then I had a Melcom (looking back I should have gotten certified!!) Then next property a TS700 was fitted, then went onto a TS900+, the now, next property I put in a M800 and it was good, no problems. Then I went onto the current M2000. I have a SDGSM hooked onto it, outputs control lighting, also Atiny88's that use RF to control those Energenie mains sockets, all the christmas lights inside and out are controlled by them with the system timers. Only thing thats not controlled is the kettle! Its like sticking to your favourite car or van brand
  2. I can tell your trying to tempt me with something ultra modern here al-yeti......... and I don't think your gonna make me crack....
  3. neither, mines an A51 - does what I need without having to fork out £££'s. Its a phone at the end of the day, I have pc's at home and work, where I don't have to wince my eyes to read the screen and my sausage fingers can hit all the correct keys without getting them wrong
  4. Fair enough, I may change one day when and if it packs in.
  5. Nah, I think I shall stick with the SLA, as its a lot safer or should I say less prone to getting warm and spewing sparks and smoke out. I have progressed from a TS700 years and years ago to my now M2000 which I really like - just wish it had more custom outputs because 8 just isn't enough for me. Do you still play with these al-yeti?
  6. Good point, as Menvier brought out the M2000 they did specify a sla, but in fairness that was recommended over 13 years ago - tech advances have moved on.
  7. Hi all, Happy New Year to you all. As the title suggests, what's the collective thought of these batteries from Ultramax? I have asked them if they are a direct replacement to the SLA type and they say they are indeed. Are they worth it, will they hold the system tight for much longer with mains failure than an 8 hour stint from SLA? As li-ion is the most unstable battery known to man, would you need to monitor its environment with regards to temperature triggering a zone maybe? Look forward to your thoughts Alistair
  8. Why do you need 22 contacts anyway? You only need to put them on external entries/exits, let the PIR's do their job. Alistair
  9. Got an update for you, I think I may have got it.... Whenever I use downloader, I plug into the panel using an external USB socket ( so I dont have to keep removing the cover to make a simple change). However, if i did remove the cover, I would have to put my engineers password in, which would keep the panel silent (no lid tamper). So what I think has been happenenig is I connet to the panel whilst not in eng mode and the panel wont act upon timeswitch changes. So I entered eng mode, connected to panel via external USB, ran downloader and we've been fine ever since. I have also inc
  10. Hi al-yeti No I haven't, that will be the first thing I will try tomorrow morning, could I ask why you would think that? I cannot work out, if you are after a timed pulsed output, why you need to specify an end (off) time to the time switch??????? All my relay outputs that are driven from my digi outputs have a diode reversed biased, like I say, I can force the output and the relay follows what I tell it to do, but the output doesnt always switch on when the timer actuates. Does the panel get it right 24 hrs later?? I should add for what its worth, the Panel Version is
  11. I have the output set under System as this shows: What I cannot understand is sometimes it work and sometimes it doesnt?????
  12. Hi, firstly I should have said hello first of all - my sincere apologies. Yes, I have setup the output to pulse and 1 second long. Sometimes this setup works, and a lot of the time it doesn't. If you have no problems, and you dont use downloader to do it, maybe its that then? Alistair
  13. Evening all, can I ask if anyone has had any success with programming times witches with any M series Menviers??? I have an M800 and I am programming (through Downloader) time switch 1 - 1 to come on at say 20:00 and go off at 20:01, just to provide a 1 second pulse to drive a relay. Time switch 1 - 2 to come on at 20:30 and go off at 20:31, again to provide a 1 second pulse to the relay. All the days of the week for ON and OFF are checked. I can toggle the output to drive the relay through Downloader and its works everytime. Am I doing something wrong, and if I am, whet the hell
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