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  1. Personally I would go for dynamic CCTV. http://www.dynamic-cctv.com/
  2. Yep we know that, it would be nice to be able to listen to the radio for half an hour without starting the engine. And have interia lights that will stay on for more than 30 seconds on a bad day. Some one has lost the plot on how vans are used.
  3. Never ectched a pcb, but used strip board in the past. Trouble is most stuff can be found ready built now for next to nothing so not worth the trouble of build it your self.
  4. Looking at the schematic from earlier it looks like it just boosts the voltage up and puts it through a regulator. Then put a diode in series to drop it a little and stop reverse current flow. The question is we will have 14v ish from the cigarette lighter socket when the engine is running so can you just use the diode to stop reverse current flow and also drop the voltage a bit so as not to cook the 7ah battery. Also is there an easy way to stop it charging when the 7ah battery is full. All the kits I have seen seems to be for the larger leisure batteries.
  5. I am up for the 7ah battery solution, I have a pergot van and all it want to do is stop you using electric to power anything. It goes into Eco mode so you can only have about 30 seconds of light when you open the back doors. What twit thought that was good on a van. I like the cigarette lighter solution so I can't be blamed it the electrics goes tits up.
  6. So you don't like the idea. I have seen the hager things but did not like the high current they pull to trip. Looks like it will be the permanently energised contactor then.
  7. It was more of a small venues that have mobile disco,s. village halls and wedding venue. I was wondering how much of a no no was putting a rcd on the circuit and unbalancing the coil via a suitable resistor, a 8k one connected between Live output and Neutral input would give 30mA enough to trip the RCD. After all that is all the test button does.
  8. Used To use Something like this in austrailia for fishing up the cavity walls so it can't be that new. Did work a treat though. Never saw one rolled up as they were already on the van when I got it.
  9. How about the old fashioned closed loop wound though it so,if the wire is broken the alarm goes off. We had to do some aircon units years ago because the first lot got stolen. Keep it simple.
  10. I have to kill the supply to some music equipment when the fire alarm goes off. Previously I have achieved this with a contactor and 24v relay from the aux contacts on the fire panel. I have not had to do one for several years and was wondering if there is a ready built solution available now a days. I need to switch 30 amps @ 240v
  11. If it was redcare clasic I don't think it needs to be filtered. The old adsl did not but i am a bit rusty on fibre.
  12. Had this one i was accesung mine was due to a school boy error selecting a premIor panel when it was the elite model. Double check software version of the control panel.
  13. I agree with mr happy, we had 4 of them and had to give up and replace the lot you could not trust the readings. Replaced them with kewtech but always away for repair. Would not touch anything but a megger now.
  14. These are free to use, you can also make your own like you do for alarms The sample ones in the regs are not copy right I think you will find. http://electrical.theiet.org/wiring-regulations/forms/2008-amd1-forms.cfm
  15. I think we have a terminology problem between us, I can't be asked and give up. You win.
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