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  1. Does anybody know what happened to Regalsafe panels? They used to do the rs40,50,75,100,125,150 and possibly more that I cant remember. At the time it was a great panel if not a bit tricky to program...
  2. I fitted out a funeral home a few years ago; trouble is, because of all the relatives visiting their departed,we had to work night shift. My mate was very nervous and the owner crept up behind him and shouted at him "are you finished yet?" After a change of underwear, me with laughing, him not...we carried on. One of the staff found out about the incident, so he promptly hid in an unused coffin. At 3am aii I saw was my mate running for the door screaming " I quit!" The staff membe apparently knocked on the lid of the coffin shouting "Help! Let me out!" All good fun... If you need somewhe
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