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Power max complete installer code

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew what the installer code was for a vistronic Powermax complete system? I am trying to add a keypad to my system but the code I have seen in the manual #### does not work 

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If you are not an installer, then the installing company will of changed the engineer code 

if that is the case then I would suggest getting a installation company out to default and add the keypad for you 

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We don't provide defaulting information, codes or engineering manuals here as per our guidelines.

We have no way of verifying you are not trying to tamper with a system that is not your own.


Installers use their own codes they wouldn't leave them default as that could be exploited.

If the system is maintained you should contact your installer, if not follow the manual you have to start fresh.

However, you will need knowledge of how to program everything back or it will not function properly.


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