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Eurosec CP8L Mains Fault issues

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Hi everyone,  I'm after some help please. 


I've got the Eurosec CP8L home alarm system,  and a week ago whilst doing some house work,  I turned off the mains, unaware it would run down the battery.  

When I turned it back on,  it had two error messages "Check mains fault" and "low battery". I managed to change the battery but the first error message remained,  then the new battery discharged as well, so the unit has no power at the moment. 

I've been suggested to change the fuses, but if I can ask a dumb question,  I can't find where the fuses are. 

Can anyone help.


Thank you. 

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There maybe a number of fuses from your CU (fuse box) to the panel depending on how the supply was installed.

CU may have it's own way (breaker) or it could be wired with other circuits, you may then have a FCU (fused spur) adjacent the panel with a 3A fuse.

Then there are normally mains fuse carriers in the panel where the mains comes in, also don't rule out something faulty in the panel either.


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Have you check there is actually mains getting to the panel? Its unusual for a mains fuse to blow unless there was a surge when you powered up

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Hi, first point to note the battery (if checked and maintained) should last more than a few hours without mains power to the control panel 


If you have fully drained the battery then when you have switched the power back on to the unit it may of blown the quick blow fuse (next to the transformer) I think this is 125ma (but it does say on the label) l

if you are electrically competent & know what you are doing you could check this  First 


if not call the experts 

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