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Texecom MQTT Home assistant

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As many of you will know im extending my own Home assistant system. I have noticed some support for what i would call 'proper' control equipment rather than the toy town stuff more traditionally supported.


I see texecom have a mqtt 

Texecom2mqtt: Texecom alarm panel and MQTT integration with HA support - Third party integrations - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)


Vanderbilt have 

Vanderbilt SPC - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)


Galaxy Guy has one for Honeywell Galaxy (im sure he will post more info)



GitHub - zoilomora/hikvision-to-mqtt: Sends alarm events from Hikvision DVR to MQTT



securitywarehouse https://store.securitywarehouse.co.uk

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I know it's an old topic but am trying out Home Assistant and alarm / lighting integration.


I have a Texecom panel which I installed myself with wired detectors. I recently upgraded from a Premier to a Premier elite panel to take advantage of Home Assistant automation. The Texecom2mqtt worked first time via the Texecom Com IP. Auto-discovery picked up all the alarm areas and sensors/detectors. I am now using Node-red within Home Assistant to run some basic integrations off the door/window sensors and PIRs. So far it works. 

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Sorry James, only just seen your post.  The SelfMon vmod provides a hardware gateway for MQTT on Galaxy (G2, G3, Dimension Flex and even the older Classic).  This offers very low latency zone and output status, along with virtualised peripherals all available via MQTT. 


The module implements multiple virtualised devices including:

  • Virtualised keypad - providing control via MQTT or HTTP
  • Virtualised printer - providing MQTT status of any printed output like alarm triggers Etc.
  • Virtualised RIO modules - providing virtual zones on the control panel to enable MQTT based zone status change and reading of 'linked' outputs
  • Virtualised RF portals - enables mimic of fobs and other RF devices. Providing full/part/night and unsetting via MQTT
  • All zone reading and group status in MQTT available via SIA4 connection to Honeywell Ethernet module
  • Virtualised E080 module - for Dimension, Flex V1, G3, G2 and Classic control panels - supports Honeywell's RSS and GX app encryption along with SelfMon apps (note GX app is only compatible with Dimension and Flex V1)
  • SelfMon encrypted reporting - secure transmisison on a separate MQTT channel

An overview is available here:


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