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Vintage Panasonic cctv cameras


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10 hours ago, james.wilson said:

What do you mean 'set up'? 

How to change the camera settings 


I think i might need a external case aswell


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1 hour ago, james.wilson said:

is it a programmable one, it probably only has a light level pot

I can get into the menu but i can't seem to change the settings 


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5 minutes ago, james.wilson said:

does it have bottons on the unit. or a data connection, maybe post pictures of all the sides of the camera

What's a botton



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44 minutes ago, norman said:

It's the thing we press to ban people, be careful...

I have a hammer that bans people on my fourms

37 minutes ago, james.wilson said:

if the menu buttons dont work to move through the menu id says its had it. 

Ive figured it out now 

 you must go to the bottom of the menu and click set up disable 

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