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Scantronic dialler

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Hi, I asked last week what would be the best dialler to connect to my existing system and was advised on a honeywell informa. After purchasing this and looking at the connections, I understand the dialler needs 4 cable from the panel and two are power, it's just the other two. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance

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Not too familiar with this particular type but there will be permanent power ( 12volts from / to + - ) and a connection to make the autodialler start usually a switched - . This can be either connected to bell output on panel or to digi ch3 / intruder output if you have one . Depending on the autodialler you can use other channels for fire , PA , medical etc if you have appropriate outputs on panel . There may also be a tamper connection on auto dialler that connect in usual method to your panel 

Hope that helps 


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Trigger pins work on logic level. So say a negative or positive, removed or applied to the pin.

It's this boolean logic that triggers the equipment.

So if your dialler is triggering over and over it's most likely being held in the inverse state.


In bashing terms, invert the panel output or invert the trigger logic.


Also note that dialler maybe dialling over and over because you are not acknowledging the call.

I would assume the thing came with a manual, have a cuppa and read over it carefully.


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So in manual look at setting trigger levels (4)


Then acknowledge the call by pressing * i think , that will stop it calling 


And yes that's correct apart from power , the other wire (cable as you put it) can be connected to the bell trigger or a pgm , programmable output , and it's trigger as explained by swb 



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