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Total RF Failure

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I have a Honeywell galaxy 2-12, C012 Alarm system (ex ADT). My control panel is showing "RF Fail" for all 7 of my detectors, so i had a look at the install manual online and that lead me to check the RF Portal (C079-2) when i check this the red LED is flashing steadily. I guessing this is the issue but just wanted to check, firstly if this is the fault i.e. failed FR portal and secondly does a new RF portal need setting up/pairing or is it just a straight replacement.


Thanks in advance,





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The Rf Portal should be flashing but depends on the rate


0.1 ON / 0.9 OFF Normal communication

OFF No d.c. supply

1.5 ON / 1.5 OFF RIO has not been configured into system

0.2 ON / 0.2 OFF RIO has lost communication with system

0.9 ON / 0.1 Very poor communications


If you have access to the programming menu check RF module comms in 61-3



No PMs please unless i know you or you are using this board with your proper name.

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Module probably needs power cycled. I've seen this happen, but quite rare. If not under contract and you have engineering code, it's easier to power cycle the whole system (batt and mains disconnect momentarily), then correct the time and date.

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