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  1. F C E

    New Layour

    Hi James strange it now works if i put a space in my username :s. I didn't sign up fresh or anything with FCE god knows
  2. Yeah id ignore it. Loop voltage is over 30 volta on these so i think its a regulator but not 100%. Never had any issues with one thats clicking every minute
  3. Gent panels do click every so often its a quirk. Doesnt mean anything is wrong After working on these panela for 10 plus years its become a white noise but its there lol
  4. Going to Edinburgh to set up a poxy Stratos system the Joys :@

  5. Put in either an ID2000 or ID3000 Still notifier but will still run all the old devices Regs FCE if you have any probs please PM me and ill assist as much as i can
  6. F C E


    Prob be an ID3000 then
  7. F C E

    Minerva Mx4000

    Yes it can be done through the menu but requires a hi level code which cannot be given out you will need an engineer visit Pm me your details and I shall see what I can do Regs FCE
  8. F C E

    Pss Firequest Panel Advice

    Evening all, we have just ripped out a pss firequest plus from a site due to loop 1 dieing on us for no reason, plugged onto loop 2 worked for about 7 mins then loop card failed put advanced mx4200 in and has been working fine, thinking about sending back to pss with a note saying "Thought you may want this back as we have enough door stops" regs Adam
  9. F C E

    Happy Birthday Service Engineer!

    happy birthday oh gracious one
  10. F C E


  11. from a fire officer down here, have done net searches but cant find anything about it.
  12. Hey All, i have heard that with the new EN54 in 2010 closed protocoll systems are being made non compliant is this correct??
  13. F C E


    in an ideal world satsuma would be squashed roflmao
  14. F C E

    Gardtec Speech Dialler

    Right This has run its course before it gets nasty
  15. F C E


    even better

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