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  1. Hi James strange it now works if i put a space in my username :s. I didn't sign up fresh or anything with FCE god knows
  2. Yeah id ignore it. Loop voltage is over 30 volta on these so i think its a regulator but not 100%. Never had any issues with one thats clicking every minute
  3. Gent panels do click every so often its a quirk. Doesnt mean anything is wrong After working on these panela for 10 plus years its become a white noise but its there lol
  4. Going to Edinburgh to set up a poxy Stratos system the Joys :@

  5. i humbly stand corrected
  6. sorry sparky999 your thinking of the minerva 80 the mx2 doesnt use fast access codes if memory serves, should be under user 02 code 2222 if not then would need to be programmed from engineer level
  7. F C E

    Bt Revelation

    Try This http://web.ukonline.co.uk/freshwater/revalat1.htm
  8. its an old beast you want text its either a marker pen or a label printer job . the front controls have 2 x 7 segment leds on them. I you've seen a Tan fire one its the same sort of set up. I'am sure menvier don't sell the software to anyone but may have "agents" god the trusty defender the one u cant isolate loop sounders on (amazing technology )
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