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  1. Andyh200

    Scantronic 9800(+)

    I've managed to get the system working now, it didn't make sense to me to being seeing an error on a zone that doesn't exist without an expander. Tested a full/part set and things appear to be working correctly now. Many thanks for the responses and guidance, it it very much appreciated.
  2. Andyh200

    Scantronic 9800(+)

    Many thanks for the prompt response, the suggestion of programming out z12 seems to have done the trick. Would the best plan be to program out the other zones that are not used?
  3. Andyh200

    Scantronic 9800(+)

    I have a Scantronic 9800 (or +) that has had a battery replacement, the engineer code had to be reset during the process - as the alarm was not under any maintenance. The user and engineer codes are now default. The system now shows c-12 and is no longer able to be set, the system only has four zones - three PIRs and a door sensor. Digging through the internet the c and number seems to indicate a zone violation. Can anybody advise?

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