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  1. Just wondering are you local to me. I am based in ub6.
  2. Here is a diagram on how I wired the bell to the panel. With the resistor as described in the diagram. Do I need a link in the panel as well? 122595 122595
  3. Thanks for the help. I went into the menu Diagnostic Wired devices View input Endstation Shows cf I've not been able to get to the bell box yet but unsure what is meant by short out and bypass tamper quoted . Thanks
  4. Yes you have helped me with this one already I thought I had fixed it. I am thinking now the bell box is faulty. I don't think it's water ingress because when I installed it I duck taped the circuit cover and sealed the holes with silicone
  5. I've installed this system over 2 months ago and over the last few days I've been getting a tamper warning bell box (Deltabell E). Both the siren and panel sounded. So I checked the Deltabell Microswitch and adjusted the back tamper screw on the bell box. All was ok for 24 hours However this morning the panel sounded with out the external bell box sounding. Log indicates input 33 tamper bell box with a amber fault warning on panel flashing. To get around this I deleted input 33 and the panel warning light had gone . However this cannot be the solution to the problem. Help please.
  6. Well been up the ladder lid off and no screw fitted to back of box to secure the microswitch! My fault for not reading instructions that came with Deltabell. I wondered what the long screw was for in the accessories pack.Screw fitted this will stop the switch movement. Must try harder in future.
  7. I thought think your all right because when I put it up I did not adjust the screw on the tamper switch I thought it was making good contact with wall. I will check it when it's dry not a lover of heights and ladders
  8. Can't see any evidence or this it's mounted high enough can't get to it without a ladder.
  9. I've got a Deltabell E wired to a pyronix enforcer. It's been fine for 2 months then this morning the siren goes off with the log : Bell box tamper lid open at 03:28.59 seconds and at 03:29.08 seconds.12 seconds apart. No rain no wind tamper leveling screw correct and lid correct. Could this be blip?
  10. Ok all sorted now output not set correctly the bell should be set to siren any and bell any. The bell output was set to engineer test or something like that. Now working as it should Thank you all.
  11. Siren is wired worked perfectly before adding the pir. If I enter the engineer code the siren will sound then when I scroll down to log what am I looking for wording wise
  12. Hi. I programmed an extra pir sensor today and I may of altered the program on my pyronix enforcer w.e. Everything is working fine however when I enter engineering mode the hard wired siren goes off. Any ideas what I've done?
  13. Ok thanks it's a class 2 though I not sure what that means probably to do with home insurance.its not a light box model
  14. Hi Hi thanks for responding. I think I have got the wrong resistor in the bell it's a 4k7 I will change it for a 2k2. Will having the wrong resistor connected give me the issue I am having is it that critical? Don't no anything about resistors
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