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  1. One of the biggest deterrents is the bell box, the burglars will not know its alarms until they damaged there way in. The system looks fancy but as much use as a ashtray on a motorbike
  2. Thanks sixwheeledbeast Thanks for the heads up, dont want to get in trouble
  3. We in Corby only made 19th, mind you there a load of made Scots round here i should know i married one lol
  4. Hi Guys & Girls Been on here since 2017 lol but only posted to day and i thought ill say hi at the same time
  5. Can anyone help me out, my Bro just moved into his new house and it has a ADT Powermax in it, i tried to default it but had no joy. Is there a way this can be done or is it got ADT firmware in it? I have never fitted Visonic panels, it will be ripped out at some point but just wondering if it can be done? Cheer everyone Jinxy
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